I'm a games industry generalist specializing in UE4. I can illustrate, model, and animate. I do some visual scripting in Unreal, and even studied film for a few years. What I enjoy about working in games is that it draws on all these things, letting me approach a user experience from all sorts of different angles.
-  Game Design
-  Unreal Blueprint & Anim Blueprints
-  Character Design
-  Modelling & Texturing (Blender)
-  3D Rigging & Animation (Blender)
-  Logos & Iconography
-  Particle FX
-  Sequencer
-  UMG/UI Widgets
Co-Owner, Game Designer, & Art Director at One Man Left Studios
Partnering with Alex Okafor (software engineer, co-owner), I am the art department for a two-man game development studio. Our shipped titles include:
Hex Gambit (2018 - PC - Made in Unreal)
Space Food Truck (2016 - PC, Mac, iOS, Android - Made in Unity)
Tilt to Live: Gauntlet's Revenge (2014 - iOS, Android - Made in Unity)
Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous (2013 - iOS, Android - Made in Unity)
Outwitters (2012 - iOS, Android)
Tilt to Live (2010 - iOS)
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